Saturday, February 2, 2008

Black Adam #6 Review

The Dark Age (Conclusion)
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Art: Doug Mahnke

We start in Antarctica, where we see Black Adam just destroy soldiers. He thinks he has them beat, but all of a sudden someone shoots him. He is pissed and confused that he actually got shot, and the Justice League shows up to stop the soldiers, while Black Adam escapes. Black Adam gets on a train and says its time to finish the final part of his journey. Elsewhere, Mr. J is checking up on his project with Camp David, who tells him that everything will be taken care of. Adam decides to check out Fawcett City. He goes to a cafe area, where he orders up a Chocolate Egg Cream, but suddenly lightning strikes and he is Black Adam again. We go to the Tower of Doom, where Adam has all the pieces of the amulet to bring back his wife. We learn that he changed to Black Adam because chocolate egg cream was the magic word. So the transformation fails, and his wife is still dead. Adam gets pissed and threatens the sorcerer, who tells him that it is because of him that it failed. He should not have changed back and forth from Teth to Black Adam. Black Adam leaves, not killing the sorcerer. The sorcerer then reveals that that body who Adam was trying to bring back wasn't his wife's. He then goes to resurrect the wife, and they walk away into some other dimension. We see Adam in his hideout banging against the walls, and the final picture is him crying over a picture of him and his wife.

That was the end of the Dark Age. I am not sure if this title is going to stop or not, but i hope it doesn't. Black Adam is a very complicated character. He is very inhuman and cold, yet he has the ability to love. He does all of the horrible things for his wife. This issue ends with Adam not getting his wife back, even though she is back alive with the sorcerer. This is a very tragic end to this series, and really puts Black Adam over as a face, after being a big heel in 52 (apparently, because i didn't read 52). The art and dialog was very good, and overall i was satisfied with this miniseries.


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