Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ultimate Spider-Man #118 Review

Cover: Stuart Immonen
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Stuart Immonen
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger
Colors: Justin Ponsor
Lettered: VC-Cory Petit

Synopsis: Ultimate Spider-man is the best spider title out there. I love to rant about this title. The stories are fun, the dialog is great, there is a lot to love. Bendis is an amazing writer, he has a way with the characters and the stories are fun, they are what Spider-man should be (I don't know why Bendis doesn't write Amazing Spider-man, seems like a no brainer). We begin with Peter trying to read about Einstein when he flashes back to Harry's death (see previous issue). We cut to this guy (forgot his name) he is doing push-ups and thinking about how much easier if Peter adimitted that he was Spider-man and how he would date Kitty Pryde. MJ is working at the mall when Liz shows up looking very sick. Liz ducks out and complains about how she feels bad. Johnny Strom meanwhile is on a date with a supermodel and are getting swarmed by the media. He is kind of angry so he decides to ditch. Kitty freaks out at school and phases through the cafeteria, Johnny shows up at school, Peter tells him to be cool, Kitty shows up, Peter tells everyone to be cool (insert tension here), Ice man shows up (insert teenage drama) and Peter is trying to play it cool. Johnny goes asks Liz out, they all go to the beach, later around a bond fire, Liz suddenly flames up and becomes Firestar.

Comments: Bendis rocks. That sums it up. Great dialog, funny scenes, awkward teenage adventures, this is the best Spider-man series out there. The last scene was a nice throwback to win Johnny Strom accidentally light up the last bonfire. It is clear now that Liz was a mutant which explains her prejudice and her mood. She prolly has the ability to absorb others powers. Another great thing is Peter during the scene where everyone was coming in. Just him trying to avoid attention and the little stuff like the Doc Oc comments. This should be a fun little arc and so far anything Bendis does involving Ultimate X-men (see Ultimate Spider-Man 66-67) has been humorous and entertaining. This should be a quality arc.


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