Thursday, January 24, 2008

X-Men 207 Review

Written by: Mike Carey
Penciled by: Chris Bachalo

The cataclysmic event known as Messiah Complex comes to an end here. Last time we left the mutant bunch they were fighting the Sinister's crew when Predator-X, Cable, and the New X-men all ddecided to crash. We have our all battle that results into quite a few casualties including Professor Xavier (allegedly), Bishop (implied), Sinister (technically died last issue but he could have came back and died again), and Predator-X (I'm pretty sure he will stay dead). Bishop pops Xavier, Cyclops blasts Bishop, Cable escapes with the baby, and Wolverine does clean up. That sums up the issue in a nutshell.

This was a great issue. The only complaint is the art, the covers are misleading because what is inside does not look like that. From a story standpoint, this was an amazing acheivement in X-men mythos. They have set the stage for a brilliant post Messiah world and have left the door opens for so many new plot lines. One that comes to mind is the role of Magneto in the future and another would be the status of the X-men with Xavier gone. From the solicits, it appears a lot will happen especially with Bishop now chasing Cable. The identity of the baby comes to mind seeing as it is a red haired, female baby with extraordinary power (draw your own conclusions). If they follow through this story arc will be brilliant, if they don't build upon it then this crossover is useless. For now though, the ride was good, just one plot hole comes to mind and that would be the second future with the one clone guy. I just wonder what that is like, my guess is that the real villain that is pulling all the strings is probably involved in that timeline.


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