Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Captain America #34 Review

Written By: Ed Brubaker
Drawn by: Epting,

Synopsis: A new era begins as the mantle is passed from all star to rookie. We begin with Bucky watching over the city. He comments on how fragile life in the US is and how it can fall apart if we let it. We see news reports saying how the Dow Jones is tanking and the new Kronas CEO has raised oil prices sky high (very politically charged Brubaker). The Kronas company is also foreclosing on mortgages through loopholes in the contract the average person did not read (very politically correct). People across the US are rioting about getting shafted and you see the police riot squad laying the beat down on hippie candy asses (not really, but I don't like hippies). Black Widow asks Bucky if hes ready to roll and Bucky says hes down. They banter in the chopper and essentially explain Bucky's role as the new Captain America and his chain of command (nothing). Widow asks why he won't wear the traditional uniform and Bucky comments that he won't pretend to be Steve and that is why he designed a new suit. Bucky suits up and its off to the ass kicking. Some Red Skulls minion are attacking the Wall Street gold reserves when Bucky shows up and layeths the smackethdown on their candy asses. He breaks out the gun and starts popping knee caps (had to mention it). We cut to Stark explaining what the hell is going on to the prototypical politician about how the Red Skull is doing all this and this is part of the grand master plan to take down America (USA, USA). The Skull is talking to some minion who is like a TV about the plan. We see people in front of the white house and Fatus unleashes a post hypnotic suggestion that makes them fire into the crowd.

Comments: USA, USA, USA, USA.... ok enough of that. This was a fine issue. It was meant to establish the role Bucky plays as Captain America. The whole fight scene was meant to establish what type of Captain America Bucky would be as well as the direction of the serious. It is clear that Bucky isn't going to live up to Steve and doesn't have Steve's same sense of justice which is what this issue meant to establish. This issue was very well done, it laid the plot out there, and the characters involved. This issue is a character study of Bucky and sets up this the direction of the comic book, it essentially sets the foundation for Captain America for years to come. Brubaker does incredible character work, the issue sports solid artwork. Brubaker is at the top of his game and hopefully he keeps this up. This is the best Marvel series out there, pick it up.

OWN IT unless your a commie

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