Friday, January 25, 2008

Batman #672 Review

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Tony Daniel and Jonathan Glapion
Cover by Daniel

Synopsis: So with the new Batman coming up we here at the cave decided to catch up all our loyal followers (all possibly two of you). Essentially Grant Morrison has been building this story since the Batman and son arc and we are getting closer to the endgame. So we begin with the devil Batman storming the police station looking for Commissioner Vane. It is revealed that Batman has a history with this fellow with him being the third man. So he ends up holding the police station hostage and Gordon mans up and allows himself to be taken hostage. Bruce Wayne is on his date with the supermodel, ditches, fights the man. The devil batman shots Gordon and causes (maybe not sure) Batman cardiac arrest. So as Batman is having his attack he summons Batmite who tells him he fucked up now.

Comments: The thing about this issue is that you cannot look it as a stand alone. When you review this issue you are reviewing Grants whole body of work since all roads led to this issue. That being said, this is a fantastic body of work. Grant has been working with a theme through his entire run of replacement batmen and is clearly building towards the how to avoid or how the Batman 666 storyline will occur. This was a solid issue but a bit confusing due to the batmite. Grant employs a lot of history about the character which makes for solid depth. His stories are well thought out and very complex. This in itself is a good issue but the ending for me was a little too complicated for me between Batman summoning batmite and the little video game character face.


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