Friday, January 25, 2008

Teen Titans 55 Review

The Great Divide
Writer: Sean McKeever
Art: Jamal Igle

We start off the issue recapping Wonder Girl kicking out Super-Girl from the Titans. Rose gives Blue Beetle a tour around the headquarters, while the Devil dude looks sad. He gets really jealous of Jaime. M'Gann has some weird martian in her head who is driving her crazy. We then go to Tim and Wonder-Girl talking over dinner. Wonder-Girl reveals that the reason she kicked out Kara was because she reminded her of Conner. Speaking of Conner, Wonder-Girl gets really emotional about him, as Tim looks on. She is about to hell him something, when there is an emergency and the Titans do their thing. We see Rose has raided Robin's locker and got some swords or something. Rose and Jaime are getting cool with each other (texting and shit), and the Devil still looks sad as hell. Then, Tim is giving this speech about how they should look after each other because the battle with their future-selves really shook their resolve. Rose brings up putting Jaime on the Titans, but Tim is like no way dude, much to the Devil's glee. We then go to Robin's apartment, where Cassie comes in and wants to finish what she had to say. Robin is hoping that she is going to say she loves him, but Cassie says the Conner thing has been too hard, and they need to break up. We then see Dreadbolt and some other guy looking to attack the Titans.

This was a transition issue to the next arc in Teen Titans, so not too much happened. We got some solid character work, especially with Tim and Cassie. It was important, but i don't really care that much about their relationship. What was important from that whole thing is that the Titans are really fragile now. After the dust-up with their future selves, and with Kara being kicked out, shit is going down. That Devil guy (don't know his name) is pretty weak, but he could come up big later. I don't like Rose, Blue Beetle, or M'Gann. They did nothing for me in this issue. Tim Drake was solid as always. It will be interesting to see if the 2 adversaries the Titans will run into in the next issue will really beat them down. All are really fragile, and Cassie and Kara are both not there. You don't really need to get this issue, as nothing really happened. But it is a nice solid DC comic, so you may want to check it out. Art is solid.


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