Thursday, January 31, 2008

Countdown #13 Review

Written by Paul Dini
Story consultant Keith Giffen
Scripts by Tony Bedard
Art by Pete Woods and Tom Derenick
Covers by Woods

Synopsis: We start with Earth-51. People are fighting, various superheroes fighting the Monitors. Superman-Prime and the Monarch are going out at it. They banter a little and Superman-Prime it just taking it to him. He decides to rip off the Monarch's armor and unleashes a nuclear holocaust. Basically everyone is killed and Superman-Prime just jumps out and gets ready for round 2. We see the challengers and Earth-51 Batman (recognize) chilling. Donna sees a message that tells her to go to Apokolips. Solomon has just downed Forerunner when Darkside shows up and tells him that life is like a game of checkers, and invites him to play. The monitor hears something and takes off into space and then we see Donna and Jason (word, Red Robin now) arguing over the fiery letters. Some supervillains roll up and Earth-51 Batman (recognize) jumps the Joker. Jason jumps into the fight when some alternate version of Superman caves in Earth-51 Batman (recognize). Green Lantern knocks him away and they all take off except for Jason. The Joker cracks a joke about Batman. The monitor meets up with the Challengers, tells them how the source has contacted them and they should listen. Round 2 of Superman Monarch concludes as Superman rips off more armor from the Monarch and wipes out everything except for one tree (take that hippies).

This was a solid issue. The negatives is Superman-Prime (should be boy but thank you legal lawsuits). He sounds like such a little bitch, someone should fix his retarded dialog. I'm liking how Darkside is coming back, he has been jobbing for a while now but now he is getting the push he deserves. Red Robin is also pretty bad ass. He crushed the Jokers' head in with a rock which is top 10 bad ass moments, I'm glad hes getting up there. I hate the Monarch and am glad Superboy-Prime took him out. The dude is a terrible villain, I mean why, seriously, why? Superboy can stick around because he is written well by certain writers and I believe in Grant Morrison. The art varies and sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't, its mixed. Countdown is getting better and hopefully if they fix the dialog, get a villain, and start pushing Jason, it should all be good.


A very weak GET IT

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