Thursday, January 31, 2008

Green Lantern #27 Review

Alpha Lanterns (Part 2)
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Mike McKone

We begin this issue with a wake-up call from OA to John and Hal. A yellow ring is looking for a new bearer. Our heroes chase this ring all the way to Jonathan Crane. They stop it before Crane gets a hold of it. The Lanterns discover that Laira murdered Amon Sur. We get to a heated debate among the Lanterns if it was justice or murder. The Lost Lanterns turn their backs on Laira and say that it was murder. Naturally, she freaks out. The guardians come out and tell her that she is suspended. They also say that they need a police force that will police the lanterns. Behold the Alpha Lanterns. These guys don't need to sleep or recharge their batteries. It is the greatest honor among the Green Lantern Corps. Many of them accept, but John Stewart doesn't because he doesn't know what he is getting into. We have a scene with a guardian recruiting someone to go find the Anti-Monitor's body. What is weird here is that the guardian has the symbol of the Black Lanterns in his eyes. The chosen Alpha's go to the surgery center, and they are being transformed. They are about to lock up Laira, when she tries to escape. The Alpha Lanterns (they look like robot-aliens) come out. Guardians end the issue by saying it is time to enact the 2nd law.

Solid issue. This issue just sets up stuff going forward. We are treated to a new corps within the corps. This will lead to some confrontations with the GLs in the future. The Laira trial was ok, but if they put in the law, why can't she just kill him. Whatever, i don't care too much about her. Art is solid, but i want Reis and Van Sciver back. Johns does a good job introducing the Alpha Lanterns. I don't know why they made them that powerful though. Why make the people who govern the Lanterns stronger than the Lanterns, who actually have to go out there into some dangerous shit. It seems like a waste to have people that powerful just sit on the sidelines and just "police the Lanterns". But i have faith in Johns to make the useful in the broader battles. I still think this is just a filler arc for the eventual run against the Red Lanterns. It is intriguing, but the arc hasn't really done too much for me (in terms of what Johns usually delivers). Very solid though.


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