Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Legion of Super Heroes 38 Review

Evil Adventures (Part 2)
Writer: Jim Shooter
Art: Francis Manapul

We start the issue with a huge brawl on Triton. Timber Wolf, Saturn Girl, and Star Boy are on there fighting 3 monsters. They save this one girl named Giselle. They are cleaning them up pretty good, until Timber Wolf says get ready for them to change. We go back to the Legions HQ, where Lightning Lad is fretting over the battle on that planet. The budget department has stripped them of their communications, so he has no idea what is going on. On that note, some weird guy comes in with new "Legionnaires" that are to be added to the team. Back on Triton, the Legionaries are still fighting the monsters, and all the Legion are having a very tough time. In the HQ, the dude from the U.P tells them to try out the new people. Lightning Lad is very annoyed, but goes along with the process. We get the likes of Fruit Boy (turns fruit ripe), Sludge (makes surfaces sludgy), Virus (makes people sick), Spy (acute senses), Voice (tells the weak what to do), all get rejected by the Lad. The Legion gets help from local police to finally beat the monsters. Saturn Girl asks Giselle to try out for the legion, but she tells Saturn that the Legion are a bunch of tools. Back on Earth, we learn that there were no casualties on Triton, but Lad really fucked up messing the U.P. The issue ends with Lad crying.

Good issue. We saw some funny dialogue and some fun moments. The battle of Triton was well done. All of the members of the Legion contributed in helping to beat the monsters. The stuff at HQ was great. Lad was great in this issue. Shooter shows Lad struggle to deal with the pressure to be the leader of the Legion. The new recruits was really funny. We got to see Fruit Boy try out to be in the Legion. That was hilarious. The issue didn't really do anything to get me excited about the next issue, but for what it was worth, it was a fun read. We got action and humor. Art was decent, but not anything special.


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