Thursday, January 24, 2008

Countdown To Final Crisis #14 Review

Choke On It!
Writer: Paul Dini
Art: Pete Woods/Tom Derenick/Wayne Faucher

We have Superman Prime threatening the Monitors after the bad one said that the perfect earth is being destroyed. He clearly lied here. Donna dresses up as the Wonder-Woman and attack Belethra, and in the process gains control of her Minion army. We catch up with Jason Todd, who dresses up as the Red Robin to fight in the war with Batman. They get into a sticky situation, only to get bailed out by Donna and her new Minion Army. We end the issue with the Monarch seeing his plans being foiled. He is about to go down to the battlefield, when Superman Prime comes out and confronts him.

That was one of the better issues of DC's weekly series. The dialogue is still lacking. I understand Superman Prime is supposed to be immature, but this is kind of ridiculous. All he does is yell. The story in countdown always moves along slowly, but a lot of stuff happened in this issue, which is a plus. We are treated to some cool action and moments. I could care less about Donna, but Jason was just dope in this issue. Red Robin. That was cool. I really don't like the over-paranoid Batman of this Earth, but Jason came through for me today. If Grant Morrison is really going to use Monarch in Final Crisis, Dini needs to build him up properly. He cannot job to Superman Prime next week. That would be terrible. I am not impressed by Monarch, but I trust Grant to really maximize character potential of all of the Countdowners (if he chooses to use them). Art is fine for me.


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