Sunday, January 27, 2008

Captain America #33 Review

Written By: Ed Brubaker
Drawn by: Epting,

Synopsis: We begin with the Red Skull talking to Fatus about their plan and the role Sharon Carter (Caps baby's mama) in their plan. They decide to fake their death because it will give them an advantage of being invisible and allow them to pull the strings more covertly. We cut to the Shield base where Bucky is in an interrogation room smiling. Scientist attempt to disarm his disembodied arm (the metal one) but then it takes them out and goes into the vents. SHIELD then starts to mobilized to get ready to take down Bucky. Iron Man suits up when Bucky jumps him. They throwdown before a bit (well a lot longer than that) when Iron Man basically tells him about the letter Cap sent him. They have a sit down, read the letter, Bucky agrees to be Cap and then the issue ends.

Comments: This was a good issue. A setup issue but still good. Brubaker is a beast of a writer and it shows in Cap. I'm looking forward to the Bucky as Cap. Bucky has got a serious drive to take down villains and avenge Cap which means lots of action and collateral damage and thats fine by me. I'm glad they ended his beef with Iron Man because I didn't see the logic of blaming Tony, people need to lay off the guy, pretty soon Marvel will make global warming his fault (if it's real). With issue 34 comes the new era featuring a new Cap and hopefully Marvel intends on keeping Steve dead or else in retrospect this will be one giant waste of time (this goes into my hatred of death in comic books since it absolutely means nothing). This was a solid issue even though not too much happened. It isn't to crucial and you could survive if you didn't read it but it was good nonetheless.

It earns a solid GET IT

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