Friday, January 25, 2008

Mighty Avengers #7 Review

Written by: Michael Bendis
Drawn by: Mark Bagley

Michael Bendis is one of the best writers at Marvel (top two, I'll let you guess who the other top dog is). He has a way with dialog like no other writers. It is absolutely fantastic and it shines in the Mighty Avengers. This issue starts off with Stark waking up in the hospital room with Jessica Drew holding the skrull body of Elektra. She basically tells him what is going on with the Skrulls. The next day they have a team meeting where they joke on Stark on him being a woman (The Ultron incident, pick up that trade, its fantastic). Stark then introduces Jessica with comical and dramatic results (the Sentry's wife also has tells Stark to kill the Sentry). Meanwhile in space several astronauts are cleaning up the wreckage from the Ultron incident and accidentally unleash the venom/carnage bomb into NYC. The Avengers assemble and then go to take action.

Bendis is a brilliant writer. He owns at dialog. That being said, delays have essentially killed this tittle and this storyline. New Avengers has already addressed the result of this. If they could have gotten the two titles in sink this would probably being an amazing event. Bendis is also laying the ground work for secret invasion in this. The addition of Jessica Drew should help make the Mighty Avengers even better. This is a fun read and all but delays have been killing this title. This title is a good read and all but in the end the delays just kept hurting it and not even Bendis's dialog can make up for it. The art is good but not as good as the previous artist, my main gripe with it is that Tony's expressions look like Peter's from Ultimate Spider-man with different hair.


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