Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Opening Day

So for opening day, we figured we would share with you some of our favorite Marvel and (mostly) DC (mostly Batman) stories. Hopefully our blog is the next great internet hit so to officially welcome you to the cave here is the first (technically 2nd, the Iron Man incident) review!!!!

Batman: Hush
Jeph Loeb
Jim Lee

This story finds the Dark Knight dealing with what could possibly be his most dangerous adversary. It begins on a typical day in Gotham, Batman is foiling a kidnapping but then things take a turn for the worst as Batman suffers a monster fall. He then runs the gauntlet of all his rouges gallery as he tries to piece together they mystery of who is Hush.

Why We Like It:

This is Batman at his finest. Unlike most other superheroes, Batman villains are straight forward start robbing and causing colleteral damage like there is no tomorrow. They are very intricate within their methods and almost stump the Dark Knight. Another aspect we like is how they really show the detective aspect of Batman that most writers seem to forget. Batman is the worlds' greatest detectives and showcases his talent here.

The Sinestro Corp War
Geoff Johns
Ivan Reis
Villains always have their one defining moment and this is Sincestro's. The story deals with him realizing that there is power in numbers so he makes his own corps to take on the Green Lanterns. This ultimately comes down to Hal Jordon (the one on the right) having to fight Sincestro (the one on the left). The story also serves as a prelude to the next highly anticipated Green Lantern arc which is supposed to blow all our minds.

Why We Like It:
Someone should call Christian Cage and tell him that he cannot legally use the name "The Instant Classic" anymore. What Johns did is stunning. When you read this, you are witnessing comic history as Johns redefines what it means to be a Lantern as well as set the stage for future writers. We are watching Green Lantern history be rewritten and so far, it has been a real pleasure to read.

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