Sunday, February 10, 2008

Take Tro #2

The Cave is very sorry for no reviews this week. This was a terrible follow-up to our great debut week. We promise to get back on track next week and deliver some great reviews and critiques. I didn't read everything yet. I am still hoping to get around to reading Spider-Man and Countdown. I have read some things that really impressed me however. Let's take a look at my top 5 for this week:

1. The Twelve- I missed the first issue, but i knew what it was about. This is JMS' new project, and i must say, it impressed the hell out of me. The characters are really well done, and we got some great narration, and hopefully we are in for a great year-long miniseries.
2. Moon Knight- He didn't really slaughter anyone in this issue, but it was still a good read.
3. Silver Surfer- In Thy Name - I had no idea what was going on, but if u just gather all the narration together, you can read it like a book, thats how strong it was. This was the end of Spurrier's 2nd Silver Surfer Regime (He did Requiem before this), and i can't really judge it that well because I have read like half of it.
4. Uncanny X-Men- Down issue for me, simply for the fact that nothing happened. The plus that came out of it was that Brubaker continued to maturate Scott.

Worst book of the week that I have read was Nightwing. Now it probally could have been the best issue of the week, but I got bored after like 5 pages (he was a freaking tour guide), so i quit reading and banned the book.

Moments of the Week:

Next week is better with X-Factor and the debuting X-Force. We will definitely post reviews.


James said...

MK #15 was a tad creepy with the Bushmaster face cured and made into a mask. A serious WTF moment of how far off the deep end MK really is. o_O??

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. That part really scared the hell out of me. Benson has really made this MK into a serious headcase.

Thanks for our first comment man. That really means a lot to us. We are only going to get better and hopefully we can continue to satisfy your comic-book needs.

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