Saturday, February 16, 2008

Punisher War Journal #16 Review

The Survivor's Guild
Writer: Matt Fraction
Art: Howard Chaykin

We go to a room with the Guild, and a guy named Martin is talking about how the Punisher burned over 78% of his body, so now he is in bandages. A guy comes in and tells Martin he has what he needs, but Martin just leaves. He goes back to his house and his wife bitches at him. The Tinkerer comes in and gives him his identity. He asks why, and Martin says he wants to buy a gun to kill the Punisher. He goes out and comes back, and the wife knows about him wanting to buy a gun. He unmasks himself and buys the gun. The wife bitches at Marty some more, telling him he is not a killer, and he doesn't have the balls and what not. She tells him to check on the snake because she thinks its dead. Marty just throws it out. We find his real intention was to kill a pimp who treats his hoes badly. He bails out, and Punisher comes out of nowhere and kills the pimp. Marty gives Punisher the gun, picks up a new snake, and goes home. He gives his wife the snake. The end.

That was a good read. Matt Fraction is a really good writer. I don't really read Punisher War Journal (I'll start though), but the issue flowed really well. It takes some time getting used to the way it's chronologically organized, but after a while it just flows real nice. You have to respect a writer who can make a good issue without really using the main character. Punisher only made a cameo in this issue, which was centered around Marty. We got to see how fragile his mindset is, and how he deals with things like his bitch of a wife, and his burns. He is just a guy that got fucked up by the Punisher, and now he is just screwed for the rest of his life. His wife cares more about a snake than him. The art looks like Immortal Iron Fist, so i guess it appropriate for this title.


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