Friday, February 29, 2008

All Star Batman Episode 9 Review

Writer:Frank Miller
Art: Jim Lee and Scott Williams

Synopsis: Now for all you who read or follow All-Star Batman you will understand how that image above is a segway to the review. For those of you who don't, read an issue and you'll know the key freeze that makes this segway work. I also love Law and Order, the one on TNT they show all the time with Jack McCoy still as ADA who was hot AADA's. On another sidenote, the dude who plays the new ADA played Thomas Wayne in Batman Begins, it's all connected (silence as I prepare for the actual review). The Goddamn Batman is facing off with Hal "the man" Jordan. He happens to be completely yellow. Hal wants to talk and Batman is totally ripping him mentally with some moments such as Hal's brain being a potato, him not being able to keep a secret identity, and just the concept that the man can't take down anything yellow (the almighty banana is powerful weapon for dispatching Green Lanterns). We get a flashback of Robin painting everything yellow including a little story about how quitting 8 times. Hal is trying to convince the Goddamn Batman to tone it down, take it down a notch. The Goddamn Batman takes a sip of lemonade (being prepared for anything) and offers some to Hal. Hal calls out his image to which he responds I dress like a Goddamn bat, of course I scare people (makes sense). Hal is getting frustrated and punches the Goddamn Batman. This is where the true story begins, the lemonade is following and Robin steps up the challenge. He catches the glass and manages to refill it before anymore harm is done. Hal then yells about the kidnapping of the Grayson kid and how he dressed him up. The Goddamn Batman feeds him some BS that Dick Grayson was in a trauma clinic all this time and Hal buys it (potato, remember). Hal asks for an explanation and the Goddamn Batman is about to tell him a fantastic story that stretches the imagination to the limit but decides against it. Robin had swiped Hal's ring and he tries to get it back but Robin just fucks him up. He practically crushes Hal's wind pipe before the Goddamn Batman takes him out and puts Robin out for the count. He takes off his mask and manages to save Hal's life. Robin thinks to himself how much he enjoyed beating up Hal and his boss is thinking how he fucked up with Robin. They ride to the cemetery and share a moment as Robin grieves for his parents.

Comments: First, you will get an award if you can tell me how many times I said goddamn in this review. This was a hilarious issue full of great comedy. To star off superficially, the art was fantastic. Jim Lee is the best at what he does which seems to be draw All Star Batman. Frank Miller's Goddamn Batman is excellent. It is one of the best series to read. Sometimes you forget that comics are meant to be fun but this is an excellent reminder. His take on Batman is the perfect change of pace you need sometimes. The Goddamn Batman is one of the best characters in comments. He has no regard for anyone but himself, Alfred, and Robin. He isn't afraid to take shot at someone. He has a well establish history of fucking with Superman but Miller opened up the playbook and took shots at Wonder Woman (Lesbian witch), the retarded stretchy guy, and even Hal Jordan. The ending of those issue was phenomenal, even though this comic is all fun that moment was extremely nice. It didn't seem forced at all and felt natural with the course of the story. Words can't do justice to this book, it is extremely fun and will have you laughing at loud at the Goddamn Batman and his antics. This issue easily gets a


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