Sunday, February 3, 2008


Here we are, at the first ever awards of this prestigious blogs. A lot of planning goes into this and we don't make this stuff in a minute (be cool). So this week we have the previledge and the sincere honor of giving out both awards, The Adam Copeland and the JBL. The JBL is given out rarely so this week it is an extreme honor that both are given out. We will begin with the great Adam Copeland.

The Adam Copeland: Captain America #34
This goes to Captain America. This issue was the beginning of the Bucky era and so far it is looking pretty good. If Bucky can be a successful Captain Steve Rodgers might stay dead (doubt it, you gotta look at the spread). This was a nice issue that keeps moving the plot. It also sets up those subtle sub-plots such as how people will react to Bucky as Cap or how the Skull plans to deal with a Cap that is much more liberal when it comes out to handing out lethal punishment than Steve. This issue is Rated R Superstar certified.

The John Bradshaw Layfield Award: Bucky "the man" Barnes

In a classic sweep, Bucky wins the JBL award. No character over the past year has received as big a push as Bucky. Iron Man was a fine candidate but he was in a higher position and didn't have to travel as far as Bucky. Jason Todd the other candidate is currently stuck in Countdown and he and Bucky are about on the same pace but Todd right now Bucky is more mature and know that he is Captain America he is at the big dance. The best analogy would be the Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, and Ben Rothelsburger draft class. Bucky is like Eli (good Eli) and Jason is the Phillip Rivers, he is maturing just not quite as fast. I digress though, this is Bucky's award and it is his time to shine.

The Bigs: DC

Continuing our theme of DC vs Marvel, this week went to the DCU. Marvel had the highlights of the week (the Kobes) but overall DC won the race. Johns and Grant both put out stellar reads this week, Countdown doesn't blow, all and all a good week for DC. In all honestly though, this is probably the only week DC will win out the month because they just sprint here, put out all their best title, Marvel actually does a better job of spacing out their titles which might have to do something with them outselling DC (pay attention here) but the petty stops here (not really), DC won this week and congrats to all the people over at DC (Marvel too) who put in the hard work to give us these wonderful titles.

"Rated R" Honorable Mentions:
Green Lantern

JBL Honorable Mentions:
JBL (Himself, the wrestling god)
Jason Todd (Hang tough kid)
Batman (his stock may have peaked but still don't hate)

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