Saturday, February 16, 2008

Booster Gold #0 Review

Written by: Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz
Art by: Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund

Synopsis: It seems like just yesterday that we were at issue #6 but now here we are at 0. The next arch is about the Zero Hour crossover that took place back in the day and how Booster saved the world without no one knowing. We got Booster, Ted Kord, and the various other Blue Beetles chilling in the time machine. The future Blue Beetle points at Ted and tells him he is supposed to dead. The Blue Beetles and Booster are sitting there talking when they spot Parallax and his minion who have just taken out the old Justice League (Superman had hair back then old). After an awkward pause Jamie asks if they saw us. One wisecrack later they are being attacked but manage to fend them off and land in Booster's time. It just so happens they land right when Booster's dad is telling him to throw the game against Ohio State (who went on to make the national championship game and get beaten down again). Booster decides to not stop himself from throwing the game but chooses to save his sister in the near future (just not now). They need a new time machine so they go back to the superhero museum to steal Rip's time machine again (thank you time travel). All of a sudden they get attacked by the security robot cops featuring Skeets. They escape and manage to go to their respective times. Booster and Ted are deciding what to eat and notice that Rip's lab is trashed and oh, an army of OMACs are coming to kick some ass.

Comments: Booster Gold is another title that comes from Johns. For those of you who don't know him (shame) he is the writer who is basically been carrying DC for the past couple of years. Johns and Katz work well together and it shows by how spot on the dialog is. It is quality stuff. Another thing is how Johns and Katz manage to just leave clues to where the title is going like the hint that Mr. Mind's spawn will probably be a big villain in the near future. This issue did leave a lot to be desired though. The problem with time travel is that it is very difficult to not leave plot holes and I'm sure that will eventually catch up. I am intrigued by the motives of the 25th century Blue Beetle and also how Booster will save his sister. This issue was so slow though that it almost gets a skim it, almost but it is worth the wisecracks alone so this issue earns a


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