Sunday, February 3, 2008

Take Tro #1

This really was a good week in comics. The comics that were supposed to be good delivered. Cap, Batman, and Green Lantern gave us good reads this week, following up with Countdown and Daredevil. Of the books I have read this week, here is my top 5.

1. Captain America- debut issue for Bucky, and my boy Bru gave us a fantastic version of Cap that will stick around for years on end.
2. Batman- I love Batman, and this issue delved into the history of the Dark Knight in a great way.
3. Green Lantern- I still say this is a filler arc, but it is still really fun to read.
4. Daredevil- I love Brubaker, and he fills up 40% of my list for good reason. Brubaker makes Daredevil a real badass, but keeps the story moving.
5. Countdown- surprisingly not bad, and Jason Todd has an identity now.

Worst I read this week is probably Ultimate Spider-Man. My collegue liked it, but it was just average to me. Bendis handles dialog very well, but nothing happened in this issue. Magneto is in the next one, so that should be good.

My favorite moments of the week:

Next week has some good books, but not many. We are treated to more Brubaker in Uncanny, and I am sure Justice Society of America will be good. The Cave will post some reviews to help you decide what to buy (wink wink).

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