Thursday, February 28, 2008

Captain America #35 Review

The Death of Captain America (Act 2)- The Burden of Dreams (Part 5)
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Art: Butch Guice

We start with Falcon telling Tony he found an abandoned warehouse where Faustus was recently. Tony tells Falcon that he and SHIELD are tied up at the moment, and can't send in squads to tear the warehouse apart. We go to the tube, and we see that a private defense company is securing American cities, because no one trusts the government after they shot protesters. We find that a Senator and Faustus are in cahoots. We go to a riot outside the White House, and Bucky and Natalia are there talking and scheming. Natalia is inside hacking, and Bucky is just hanging out. We find out that the private defense company is owned by the Kronas Company. They started the shooting so that they could use their own defense assets because no one would trust the government. We find that the crowd has been drugged to start a riot. A Kronas guy negotiates a deal with the Sec of Defense, and Alek is looking on. He tells Skull that he didn't want to negotiate, but Skull replies that they are beating capitalism and letting the towns burn and shit. We go back to Bucky, who says he has to stop the riot. He goes all Cap on their bitch asses. He takes them out with a mixture of sleeping gas, a shield, and some attitude. We go to Skull and Faustus. Skull congratulates Faustus for turning people against each other. Faustus said its no big deal. Skull tells him that they will keep a closer eye on Sharon. Back to Bucky. He is still kicking ass. Natalia finds a coptor on the roof of the Senator's building. Cap busts through the room and takes out a security guard. He then gets cornered by some chick with a gun and henchmen. We end the issue with Sharon being looked at by a robot.

That was a great issue. Brubaker followed up very well from the last one, and Bucky is such a fucking g. The man is just all about kicking ass. He was pacing around at the beginning of the issue, looking all uncomfortable. Then he just knocked out like 30 people in like 6 pages. Brubaker does a great job of showing the political tension that is in this title. We have corruption and conspiracies all over the place. The art is tremendous. There is nothing bad to say about this title. I am still not sure where the whole Sharon pregnancy angle is going.


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