Friday, February 29, 2008

Daredevil #105 Review

Without Fear (Finale)
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Art: Michael Lark

We start with Matt on top of a building, and heads for Hell's Kitchen. We go to the Kitchen, and Hood and Fear are talking. Hood bitches about how Fear set him up and stuff, and Fear tells him to get out of here because he wants to take Daredevil on by himself. Daredevil arrives. They fight on a rooftop. They just go at it, with Daredevil getting the better of him. Fear still wants to fight though. Daredevil knocks him off the building, and whips him into a room. We find out here that there is no cure to the fear gas. Cranston tells him that he needs him to tell the feds about what he has done. True to his word, Cranston confesses all to the feds. We go to Matt and Milla in some home, where Matt tells them to fix her. Matt talks to himself about how he has always known fear, and that he has ruined Milla's life. We see Cranston in prison. Somehow, everyone listens to what he says, even the guards. He then bangs some chick officer in a cell room. We then see Ox and Hood on a roof watching Matt. Hood says to let Daredevil think he won something.

That was a great ending to the arc. Brubaker is a character genius. He does most of his psychological characterizations in Daredevil. The One and Only has claimed he doesn't like Daredevil because DD doesn't have villians. Well, just like Johns did to Sinestro, has turned Mr. Fear into a respectable archenemy for Matt Murdock. Fear did long term damage to Matt, and didn't get screwed over because he just owns prison. He is so advanced in the mind, that he can make people fear him without his gas. As for Matt, his life is pretty much ruined because his wife is screwed forever. This arc did some damage to the title (in a good way). The fight was really good, and i was very satisfied with this issue and this story arc.


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