Wednesday, February 13, 2008

X-Factor #28 Review

Writer: Peter David
Art: Pablo Raimondi

We start the issue with Theresa confessing her sins at church. Here she says that she got knocked up with Jamie's child. We go to a scene with Rhane and Jamie. Jamie and his clones bitch about Rahne bailing out on Layla and them. Rahne reveals that Tryp Senior showed her that she killed both of them on their wedding night. We see Rictor in mutant town walking around. He think he sees Layla, but it turns out to be some child prostitute. Rictor somehow gets into a fight with the prostitute's pimps, and gets his ass kicked. Guido comes in and breaks it up. We go to a scene with Monet and Rahne, who tells her that she is leaving. Monet gets kind of mad and thats about all there. We go to Guido who calls Jamie, but he just appears out of no where. He goes to the power plant to "beat up some guys". Jamie breaks into a Purifiers meeting, and says how lost he is without Layla. More Purifiers come in, and 4 Jamies look for a fight. He fights them while commenting that his compassion is the only thing that seperates him from his enemies. He wonders what will be the thing that breaks that compassion. We go to Monet and Theresa in a bar, where Theresa tells Monet about the baby. Monet tells her to get an abortion, but Theresa tells her that every life is important. We end the issue with Rictor spilling his feelings about Mutant Town to who he thought was Jamie, but it was only a dupe. He says that no one listens to him except Rahne, and then he goes to her room to figure out she left.

That was a good issue. Mo says that Bendis is the master of dialogue, but i daresay David is. X-Factor continues to be one of the best-written comic books on the market today. David did a great job showing the tension and lack of hope that is going on to the various members of X-Factor. Theresa is having Jamie's kid, Rahne is leaving, Madrox is pissed, Rictor is fucked up, and Layla is missing. David keeps Layla a focus in this book through narration (you know I love narration). David gives Jamie a powerful voice in this book through his narration. This was just a great issue to start X-Factor's post Messiah arc (much better than Uncanny). Personally, X-Factor is my favorite X-Men series, and i strongly recommend it. The art is a real eye-pleaser.
a slightly overrated OWN IT

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