Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wolverine #62 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Ron Garney
Cover: Ron Garney Jason Keith
Color: Jason Keith

Synopsis: Wolverine sure is busy post Messiah Complex from traveling Europe, fighting purifiers in North Dakota, chasing Mystique in Afghanistan, and even being trapped in space with the rest of the Astonishing X-men. Our story begins with Wolverine getting roughed up in a Mexican prison during 1921. They tie him up and he meets Mystique in Mexican prison. They are about to face the firing squad when we cut back to the present where Wolverine is approaching some Afghani village. He threatens a kid asking where Mystique is and he kills some lady who he suspects to be her (it isn't or this would be an extremely short story). Another flashback takes us to Muir Island where Cyclops tells him to bring her down (Cyclops is ordering hits now, it's how he rolls). Wolverine decides to humor Scott and go along with his request. He says give me 9 hours and rolls out. Wolverine is now in Mosque where he calls out the imam who happens to be Mystique. The people in the Mosque comes to the aid of Mystique while he runs away and blows up the Mosque (not cool man, not cool). Wolverine saves as many people as he can as Mystique gets away. We go back to Mexico where Wolverine had managed to beat the firing squad and save him and Mystique then they walk off into the desert. Back int he present Wolverine is hitting the dusty trail pretty hard and finds the body of the woman he had killed earlier. We see the Taliban loading up and Wolverine confronts Mystique who had framed him for murder.

Comments: This was a really fun issue. The way this started off it looks like Wolverine will be one of the better post Messiah Complex spin offs. The twist in this issue was great about how Mystique framed Wolverine. The dialog was spot on and the art was just fantastic. Few series do Wolverine justice (not even his own but now that has changed). They really use Wolverines extensive history to make what could have seemed like a generic storyline and spiced it up by adding a little twist that Mystique and Wolverine used to roll back in the day. I'm curious to now where they joined up because it was before Magneto and the Brotherhood's time. The setting also makes a big impact as it is a nice change of pace. Mystique was never a good face and she will probably have to be the main event heel for the X-men and I think she is capable. Anyway fun issue, good art, has all the makings of a


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