Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hulk #2 Review

The Smoking Gun
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Art: Ed McGuinness

We start on the SHIELD hellicarrier, where Tony and Hill are talking about the murder weapon in the Hulk scene was a SHIELD issued one. Suddenly, big red hands grab the She-Hulk and decks her out. We learn the Hulk got into the power system on the ship, and Tony goes after him. Tony goes to check on a prisoner, and the red Hulk attack. Tony gets his ass kicked, while saying that the Hulk is just an animal. An animal doesn't need a gun, so that logic doesn't register. Hulk throws a plane at Tony, and jumps off. Tony's power starts to shut down, but She-Hulk grabs him before he falls. The hellicarrier is on its way down to crush New York City. Tony sends the ship towards New Jersey instead (LOL). We go to this guy that gets pushed by the Hulk, then turns into a Blue Monster.

This was a below-average read. Loeb really hasn't found his groove with this title yet. I think he writes a terrible Iron-Man. He made Tony bitch about losing his ship like 4 separate times in this book. Usually, Tony doesn't worry about that kind of stuff, and actually cares about more important things then losing an investment. Bad call by my boy Jeph. Also, the Hulk doesn't do anything in this comic, except go over as an unstoppable monster. We didn't get an explanation for what motive he would come on a SHIELD hellicarrier and throw planes around and leave. Even if you explain that later, it sounds dumb. The end was retarded as well. Now we got a blue Hulk looking thing running around. If you are into monsters and don't appreciate Tony Stark, you will like this title. McGuinness does provide some fine art though.


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