Monday, February 11, 2008

Take Mo #1

Double Review Goodness

We will kick off the first double review post ever in the history of this blog. You might want to breath because once this ride starts it doesn't stop, all two reviews. But before we begin this I feel a memorable quotes segment is needed. Detective Comics had a moment that made you say DAMN!!!

Villain: Let's go, Bats! The carpenter will cut you down to size!
Batman: Seriously?

You can't beat that moment, especially the look on Batman's face, the moment really came through. As for the second memorable quote of the day it comes from Moon Knight. It was just a quip.

Tony: I need this like I need another hole in my heart.

Just a subtle quip that jokes on Tony's origins, if more superheroes had jokes like this (Batman: I need this like I need dead parents, Spiderman: I need this like I need another dead uncle) comics would have a lot less tension. But enough of this douchebaggery (Mission Hill, look it up) let me get to my reviews.

Moon Knight 15 Review
Every so often comes a Batman knockoff that we all love. If there was ever a true Rated R superstar it would Moon Knight, the man is not stable. I would have loved to be at the production meeting that came up with Moon Knight, guys let us get an emotionally disturbed rich man and make him beat up on people (similar to batman). The difference is, with a Moon Knight he doesn't have the film noir aspect of Batman, a Moon Knight mystery is how do I pound the crap out of this man, ok but now I need to cease with the malarkey (Mission Hill again) and get to the summary. We start with Tony watching MK going to work on this thug and wondering how in holy hell did this quack get a registration card. We see Mark boxing with Frenchie and his physical therapist who is also Frenchies bf. Mark accidentally breaks Rob's nose. We see some super criminal getting released and some weird guy who avoids getting hit by the train. The criminal tries to be legit while seeing his P.O. gets rolled, Marc just had sex with Marlene, they fight, Frenchie considers offing himself, some dude convinces the ex con to go back into crime, Marlene leaves then comes back and sees Marc trying on the face of the man he killed. Issue ends there.

Comments: This was a solid issue in a week of crap this one stood out. It runs away with the Adam Copeland award. This was a really solid issue. The art especially feels right for this title since it is all about moral ambiguity and when you cross certain lines. The story looks good and the transition from writers went really smoothly. Certainly this is a sleeper in Marvel and you certainly should consider catching up because the future looks bright (ironically enough).


Detective Comics 841 Review

Dective Comics by Dini is a good title. He wrote the fantastic Emmy Award winning Batman the animated series and does well in his transition to the comic medium. He has the unique one shot format that works really well and he writes a beast mode Joker (see Slay Ride and Death in the City if you need proof). Anyway, Wayne is chilling in this fashion show and decides to flake when Mad Hatter and his Wonderland crew decide to rob the place. They manage to make an impression before the cops chase them off. Batman does some recon and manages to figure out they are drafting crooks in twos to their gang so he hits up some low time thugs and gets the dirt. He tracks down two low level crooks and figures out where the Mad Hatter is stationed. Turns out that the Hatter was under mind control from two lonely members of his gang. Batman proceeds to layeth the smackethdown on the candyasses. He calls Gordon up, they all go to Arkham and Hatter gets his revenge.

Comments: This was a weak filler issue, not quality at all. It wasn't all bad seeing as it has probably the best moment of the week (quote post, that cracked me up). Dini is hopefully getting back on track and will start putting up some classy stories. But for now i will be petty and hate (tough job, it's hard out there for a hater). This was filler, you aren't missing much.
May the bat gods have mercy on me but this issue gets a


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