Friday, February 15, 2008

The Amazing Spiderman #550 Review

The Menace of... Menace
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Art: Salvador Larroca

We start the issue with the Blue Shield trying to demask Spidey because he is breaking the registration act. A glider distracts Shield, and Spidey goes after the Goblin. Peter tries to un-mask the Goblin, but that set off an electrical charge. Goblin tells him not to mess with him, and gives Parker a cut in his stomach. We go to Jackpot, who helps up Spidey. She says her name is Sara Ehret. They check out the Menace's (new name) hideout, where they find blueprints to Apollo Theater. We go to Peter, who calls Lily and asks if she was with Harry last night, which she was. We check in on JJ, who is yelling at people. Marla doesn't tell him about the sale of the Bugle. We go to this guy who wants to sue Spidey. They say that he can file a John Doe suit, and wait for him to slip up. We go to Mr. Bennett, who says that he doesn't want to use his pictures of the Menace because of bad lighting. He then rips on JJ because he uses any picture he can get. We go to Peter, who is using Betty's computer because he doesn't have one. He gets the name of the guy who did the reporting on the Spider-Tracer murder. He meets Palone, and says that the tracer is an older model. Palone shows him a map of 5 killings, each having a tracer on the victims. He says he is holding him over for questioning. We go to the Apollo Theater, and the Menace interrupts a political debate. Back to Spidey. He sees the explosions at the Apollo, and is about to leave, but gets surrounded by the police.

This was an allright issue. The main plus here is we get introduced to a new villain in Menace. He looks like a gray Goblin to me, but I am sure the writers will give him distinguishable attributes. I don't really like Larroca's art here. The guy who is with Slott is wayyyy better. I am not really sure what is up with Jackpot. She is way too shady for my liking. Probably the best part of this issue is the revelation that Spiderman is a suspect in 6 homicides, because someone had his tracers and placed them on murder victims. It will be interesting to see where that goes. The issue was allright, but nothing you need to get.


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