Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Countdown To Final Crisis #9 Review

Pay The Piper
Writer: Paul Dini
Art: Tom Derenick

We start the issue with Piper and the crazy dude. Everyone is wiped out, but the dude awakens to tell Piper that he is a human form of the Anti-Life equation, and tells him to play his flute. An OMAC comes down and kills the crazy dude. We cut to a Monitor and Darkseid. Darkseid says that it ends on his terms. We go to Jason, who sees that the OMAC is carrying off Piper. He says that he is going to get off this hellhole. We see The Challengers and the Amazons going off to rescue Jason. The wierd dude is back. Lots of shit happens now. Red Robin got into the core, and fights a bunch of OMACS. He ends up freeing the imprisoned Firestorm, and the Challengers show up. There is a huge fight, Karate Kid is getting dissected by Eye, and more shit i can't even explain. Atom interrupts the dissection, but Eye already has the virus stored. Eye sends in more OMACS. Piper kills the wierd dude with a song, and then BLOWS UP EYE. Yeah. The faces are all knocked out, and about to die.

Countdown to Final Crisis is rolling. We get a ton of action in this issue. I am kind of confused how the weird dude like survived the first time around, but that is a minor complaint. Piper went over big here. He just manned up and played his flute. Dini handled Piper well. Jason is kind of a badass, trying to get off the planet and not worry about his old buddies. Dini does a good job making Rayner look like a fag. Speaking of which, the fucking main heel goes down to a gay guy. Great. At least it was built up well. Art looks solid.


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