Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cable and Deadpool #50 Review

Writer: Reily Brown, Fabian Nicieza
Art: Reily Brown
Cover: Skottie Young

Synopsis: We get a recap of the build up to this special bonus sized finale. Deadpool was in the Savage Land on a mission and accidentally teleported some dinosaurs back to NYC while at the same time they got hit by the Venom virus making Venom Dinosaurs. Our first scene finds him and Spider-man fighting some of these dinosaurs and bantering (love a good banter). We see the Agency X folks chilling in the office. Alex is waiting to get some business before he calls in reinforcements for Deadpool. Deadpool is fighting a T-Rex and is getting his ass handed to him before the Mighty Avengers step in and bail him out. Wonder man and Ms Marvel start questioning Irene and Deadpool about what in the blue hell is going on. The rest of the issue consits of them beating up dinosaurs and bantering until they eventually win.

Comments: This was my first issue of Cable and Deadpool and it just happened to be the finale so that is why my synopsis is a bit weak. My first impression is that this well most obviously this comic probably constantly breaks the fourth wall. This comic was also very funny. Full of funny dialog and I would guess if i had read the past issues it would have a lot funnier because of the characters. This comic really left an impression on me as there are few like it since most comics are dark and heavy. The closets mainstream comic to it I think would be what they are trying to do with Spider-man. This is a nice change of pace seeing how sometimes comics are focused more towards telling a story than entertaining you, it is nice to see a comic every now and then thats' sole goal is to just entertain you.


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