Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Iron Man Director of S.H.E.I.L.D. #26 Review

Written by: Daniel and Charles Knauf
Drawn by: Roberto De La Torre
Cover by: Gerald Parel

Synopsis: Last time we left our protagonist he was about to throwdown with arch nemesis the Mandarin who had this wacky plan to unleash an Extremis bio-weapon which would kill every person who was less than quality. Tony called the proverbial shenanigans and busted in to lay down the law. That's the backstory to what has been going on lately in Iron Man. We are at the SHIELD carrier where Commander Maria Hill is debating with her crew to follow Tony's orders. Dugan who is playing the role of the wise old man is rallying for Hill to just follow Tony's orders. They go back and forth for a bit about Tony's sanity until he brings up the book and how you got to break the law sometimes. Tony and the Mandarin are still fighting. We go back to SHIElD where they are going over the plan which is basically nuke the place and have a black hole take care of the radiation. The Mandarin and Stark are going all DBZ on each other when the nuke is launched. The Mandarin books it and leaves Stark to deal with some of his lackeys. Stark beats them starts to cheese it, the nuke has gone off and hes getting sucked in.

This was a great issue. For one thing the art was excellent, the fight scenes looked awesome with all the beams going off on each other. The dialog was solid as well. The cliffhanger was weak though, I mean come on, who actually thinks Tony will get sucked into the blackhole, anyone? Yeah, it was a weak cliffhanger. Another petty complaint was the way the opening scene played out. The whole playing things by the book was a bit lame. Isn't the whole point of SHIELD to deal with some issues the book doesn't cover? I just didn't buy into that opening scene. Other than that it was an awesome issue with fantastic art which is why it earns a


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