Friday, February 22, 2008

Catwoman #76

Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Universe (Part 2)
Writer: Will Pfeifer
Art: David Lopez

We start the issue with Catwoman at gunpoint. Batman is on the other side. Catwoman figures that there is no way Batman would use a gun, and worse yet, he forgot to reload. No way that could be him right? She unmasks him, and it does look like Bruce. Some people surround Bruce, and he tells them to fire at Catwoman, which they did. Now, a Gotham City Blimp shoots at Catwoman, which she ducks and flies into a room, where she meets another Catwoman. We learn the new Catwoman is the most wanted criminal on the planet. She sends 2 large panthers after Selina, which she beats. Selina ends up with a gun to the new Selina's head, and tells her to answer some questions. We find out that the new Catwoman is Selina's sister, Maggie. They brawl some more. Selina gets shot, but it doesn't hurt her for some reason. The GCPD blimp shoots at her again, but again, she is like bulletproof. She figures that she might as well have fun with her newfound power.

This was a good issue. I am fairy new to the Catwoman title, but I really enjoy the character. In this issue, she somehow dominates everyone, and has superpowers or something. We are teased with the possibility that she might rule Gotham in the next issues. That is a pretty amazing thought, considering she does a lot of damage being crafty and all. Now she is bulletproof, and all the characters on this earth are retarded. I guess we will see where this story goes, but i enjoyed this issue.


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