Thursday, February 14, 2008

Countdown to Final Crisis #11 Review

Eye of the Beholder
Writer: Paul Dini
Art: Mike Norton

We start the issue with Karate Kid saying how Brother Eye has transported him into some other planet. We go to the Challengers, and Red Robin is grilling Atom for being useless. Then he disappears. Jason is just slinging through town (Batman style), and says that he can't trust anyone after Bob turned on him. He then approaches Brother Eye. Karate Kid is doing his thing (karate of course), and he says he doesn't know why Brother Eye brought him there. Back to Red Robin. He is talking about how Brother Eye found himself here on this planet, then goes to it to try to get back to Gotham and his Earth. We go to Trickster, who is thinking suicide, but someone tells him that he will decide when he gets to die. We go to Holly and them, who are trying to escape the Granny or whatever. Granny sends like evil bitches her way, who get destroyed eventually. And then they decide to go kill Granny. We go to Olsen, who is on some planet to get backup. Backup turns out to be men in skirts. We end the issue with Val trying to get out, and then an OPAC comes to fight him.

Countdown is allright now. It isn't dreadful anymore. I had mixed feelings about this issue. I liked what Dini did with Jason. He gave him an identity now as the Red Robin. He totally looks like Batman here, with the mannerisms and thinking like a detective. What really killed this issue for me was everything with Holly and the Granny and the fucking Stomper or whatever the hell. Stupid shit like this really kills an issue. Worst yet, it took up a ton of room too. I just want Holly to go away because she sucks, and is written terribly. The Karate Kid stuff was solid, and i guess it is important to the story. Assimilating Val's virus into the city would be pretty terrible. The thing that bugs me is that this is supposed to lead up to the greatest crossover in DC history. Countdown is ok, not anything great. I just really hope we get something different and seperate from Countdown when we get to Final Crisis.


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