Thursday, February 21, 2008

Countdown to Final Crisis #10 Review

The Gods Must Be Crazy
Writer: Paul Dini
Art: Scott Kolins

Holly and Mary and them break down the door to the dimension, and is confronted with this scary motherfucker. Mary says she will take care of it, and says shazam. We see the Challengers get freaked out by a scary lightning strike. They go investigate. Mary Marvel is back. The Gods say that she has freed them, so they don't hate her now. Harley bitches about how she helped too, and some of the gods give Harley and Holly some powers. We see the Karate Kid fighting a possessed Una. Out of no where Red Robin comes to help Kid, but Kid doesn't want him to hurt Una. Todd tells him to go to hell and leaves. A new OMAC guy kills Kid (i think). He fails to assimilate him, and takes him away for an autopsy. Granny is walking and talking, and gets jumped by the 3 girls. They beat up her guard, but Granny runs off. Granny and them run into some guy we can't see. The guy kills Granny and says the New Gods will be extinct. The Challengers then run into the girls. We see some old guy telling Piper to pipe out a song. He promises him to be the god on Apokolips. Just then, the world shakes. Brother Eye man. Brother Eye. I am not sure, but i think hes a fucking planet.

That was a good issue. Countdown is in overdrive right now, and we are sprinting to a finish. Everything is finally coming into place. Last issue, i bitched about how bad the Mary/Holly/Harley storyline was going, but it finally made some sense this week. The best part about this issue is that the loose ends are being tied up. Now Mary and Co. are joined up with the Challengers. Brother Eye man. Brother Eye is Apokolips (I'm guessing, but i am pretty fucking sure). Jason Todd is still doing his thing. We don't know who killed Granny, but thank the Gods (pun) she's dead. I really think we are going to get a great final 9 issues to finish up this title, and be on our way to Final Crisis. Oh Yeah.


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