Saturday, March 8, 2008

X-Force #2 Review

Angels & Demons (Part 2)
Writers: Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost
Art: Clayton Crain

We start with Director Hill and her SHIELD fuckers investigating the scene of the Purifiers. A bunch of people died. We go back to the scene with the action. The head Purifier put a bullet in Rhane's knee. He tells the X-Force to stand down. Laura decides to say fuck it and blows the place up. Laura then goes on to pursue Rhane, because the Purifiers died during the explosion, not the X-Force. Obviously. We go to Laura, who let Rhane escape with the Purifiers. We have a scene with Scott and some peeps. Scott says that Wolfbane's capture is all on Logan. Logan tells him to screw himself. We find out that Rhane's mentor joined the Purifiers, and she went out for revenge. We have a little scene with Rhane and Craig. We learn that Craig is Rhane's father. Not a good daddy. He repudiates her and is going to interrogate her to confess her sins. We got a little scene with Bastion and Matthew. Bastion tells him to kill the mutant because his plan sucks. We find out that Wolverine and Wolfsbane and some others are killing Purifiers til they find out where Rhane is. Wolverine tortures some poor fucker til he squeals the location. We find that Bastion wants to ressurect a creature who killls a lot of people. Name is Magus.

This was a good issue. I am not sure where the characters are going, but it was better than the first issue. I felt like i didn't get my good dose of Wolverine, like I did last time. He didn't really stick out to me, which sucks because he was great in the first one. I don't think he grilled Summers enough about his managerial decisions. I am a bit confused on the characters in the Purifiers, and I am not sure about the origin of the monster. It was poorly described. This better not be a big Predator X, because Yost and Kyle like to have big heel monsters that eat X-Men. I don't get why Laura would kill everyone just so she could kill Matthew, and why Summers would ok it later. But it was pretty enjoyable. I love the art.


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