Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All Star Superman #10 Review

Writer: Grant Morrison
Art: Frank Quietly

I just got a little heads up that this issue kicks ass, but lets see for ourselves. We start the issue with Superman helping out little children in Africa i am guessing. We see Kal-El talking to his computer about his last testament. He says that he has to do 12 tasks that bring him close to his death. He has done 7 of them so far. We see people in Kandor carrying about their business. I think the city is in a bottle. Well, Superman turns Quintim into a miniature version of himself so he won't be affected by the gravity of the bottle city. Quintum is at a meeting with the bearucracy to discuss how to de-maniaturize the people. He says he has a solution. We go back to Superman's monologue, where he talks about he couldn't imagine a world without Superman. He created an artificial world without Superman to see how it goes. We have Superman back on earth, and a giant robot heading his way! Louis and Superman team up to demolish the robot. Then, Louis asks Superman why they never talk. She reveals that she knows that he is suffering from solar radiation overdose. We see Superman leaving the scene to save a girl from jumping off the roof. Back on Kondor, they are debating on whether they want to leave the bottle or not. Then, the Kondor Emergency Corps comes up and says they have a plan for saving Superman. Superman is slowly dying as his skin is deteriorating. Superman goes to Lex and tells him that he is indeed dying. He gives Lex 3 weeks to do whatever to the world. All of those plans he had that he couldn't do because Superman was around. Well, he has 3 weeks to do whatever before they execute him. Superman tells him that he knows he has good in him. Superman breaks open a box, and figures out that his 8th challenge is solar intelligence systems. We go to Superman and a Professor. Superman gives him his entire gene sequence and instructions on how to combine human DNA with Kryptonian DNA. We find out that the Emergency Corps could not help Superman beat his disease. Being the class act he is, he goes back to the hospital to give the dying children the Kandorians so that they can get better. What a man. We end the issue with going to Earth-Q (the one without Superman), and we see an artist drawing Superman.

That was a fantastic issue. I love DC's All Star series. It is some of the best stuff around in comics. Where AS Batman is all about ridiculousness, jokes, and fun, AS Superman is just a very well crafted story. This book has everything you look for in a comic- dialog, plot, characters, and intrigue. I love how Morrison deals with all of his characters. He makes Superman just come out like a champ. The reader legitimately gets behind the character. Reading this, i was pretty depressed that Superman was dying. That might seem like bullshit, but Morrison really makes Superman seem like a genuine human being that cares about people (that scene with the dying hospital kids was excellent). Superman is also a man that really looks for the good in people. In this issue, he tells Luthor to do the right thing, because he knows there is still good in him. We see Superman giving over invaluable information to a common man, just because he trusts his nature. The whole death of Superman thing was done really well. The end was great, as he just reminisced all the things that are important to him. I can't really find any fault with this issue so you should definitely


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