Thursday, March 13, 2008

Booster Gold #7 Review

Blue and Gold (Chapter 2)- O.M.A.C'd
Writer: Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz
Art: Dan Jurgens

We start the issue with Rip, Daniel, and the reporter. Rip wants Daniel to put on the Supernova uniform, because he thinks Booster is going to destroy the universe. We go to Booster and Beetle, who are on the run OMACs are chasing them down, but Beetle takes them out with his ship. They get on the ship, but the OMACs are about to break through. Kord does some Jedi mind tricks, fooling the OMACs into thinking that Blue and Gold are one of them. We go to Max Lord, and we learn that Kyle Rayner is dead. He figures out that Blue and Gold are still alive. They go to London. They crawl around through some sewers until they get to Catherine. She drops a bombshell and says that the world is in war with Max Lord and OMACS. They are knocking out all the heroes and some villains. Batman is missing. Superman is a heel. We go to Carter, who is chilling out in the dinosaur days. We see the future Blue Beetle, "The Black Beetle", telling Carter that the others have gathered. We go back to our heroes. Catherine is an OMAC. They brawl for a while until Green Arrow takes her out. Green Arrow and Hawkman make up the Resistance. We have Black Beetle and Supernova walking to a meeting with the Time Stealers.

That was a solid issue. Johns and Katz do a good job with the plot development, but not so much on the characters. I liked how everything is pretty much unraveling on the Earth. The hopeless situation should help Booster come out like a champ. I liked how the future Blue Beetle went heel. That is a lot better. I like how there are 2 groups established- the Resistance and the Time Stealers. They can feud for a little while. I don't know where the OMACs will come in. Will they attack the Time Stealers too? I don't feel like Booster or Kord really shined in this issue, but the plot carried it. The art is pretty good.


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