Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mighty Avengers #10 Review

Written by: Brian Bendis
Art by: Mark Bagley

Summary: Ever since Bagley took over the art it seems like New Avengers is coming out weekly. Last time we left our heroes they were invading Doom until Sentry, Iron Man, and Doom accidentally shot themselves back in time. We pick up with Sentry waking up in an alley. He starts to freak out and notice some things are different. He sees his past self and goes crazy. Doom and Iron man face off briefly before they agree they need to get the fuck out of here. Sentry then shows up all crazy and pops Doom. He eventually calms down and go break into the Baxter building to get to the time machine. Sentry kicks the Thing's ass and they go back to the present. Doom doesn't happen to materialize and a nuke is in the way (coincidence). Iron man takes the nuke and the issue ends there.

Comments: I enjoyed this issue. This is just a fun arc. It has witty dialog that just puts a smile on your face. I liked the throwback art to show that they were in the past, that was amusing. The last page of Tony getting nuked is just awesome to look at. If i ever got nuked, I want it to look that pretty. I hope this title picks up to its original direction because right now it is just playing catchup to secret invasion which has caused it and new avengers to suffer. Bendis does do a good job with the writing. Doom's demeanor is classic. The way he just talks to Tony about how more people hate Tony than him, a vicious dictator. This is a great, fun issue so


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