Thursday, March 6, 2008

Green Lantern #28 Review

The Alpha Lanterns (Part 3)
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Mike McKone

We start the issue with a character kill someone who has screwed up. He says he will have his revenge against Sinestro, and we see a Red Lantern (oooooooooohhhhh). We have the trial of Laira commencing. She is found guilty of using lethal force and resisting arrest. Alpha Lantern Boodika strips her former friend Laira's power ring. She is to be sent back to her homeworld. The Guardians then add the 2nd new law......... Lethal force authorized against all members of the Green Lantern Corps. We go to Sinestro and Hal. Sinestro knows about the new law, and says that the prophecy will come true. He says that when it does, the Green Lantern Corps will be ruthless. We go to the guardians. A flash of red light appears in the sky. A guardian comes back and says that there is a man named Agent Orange. We go to some people. They hate the guardians, and say that they need to find the orange light. We go to Laira. She says that with or without the ring, she will kill the rest of the Sinestro Corps. Suddeny we see red. A red power ring comes and recruits Laira into the Red Lantern Corps.

Amazing issue. We aren't getting like crazy battle scenes anymore, but more development in stories. I found the Alpha Lanterns to be a bit disappointing, as they haven't showed their stuff yet. Even though they haven't done anything, their presence is felt throughout the Green Lantern Corps. The unveiling of the 2nd law was necessary, and i am sure a future law will be for them to use lethal force against anybody. The scene with Sinestro was just great. He foresaw everything, and it just shows how smart and calculating he is. Johns is such a good writer. I loved when he said "I believe in the Green Lantern Corps, Do You?". This is such great work by Johns. We are teased with some red and orange, but it comes to fruition at the end. Laira being recruited into the Red Lantern Corps is a logical move. I love that the war and hype towards Blackest Night (2009) has started. Laira has never said how loyal she is to the Green Lanterns, only that she wanted to kill the Sinestro Corps. The red ring will allow her to do that. I am waiting for Reis or Van Skyver to come back, but McKone is alright (I thought Sinestro was purple).


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