Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Countdown #06 Review

Writer: Adam Beechen
Artist: Mike Norton

We are having such a great comics week that I felt it is necessary to start posting reviews of some crappy comics. Face it, we're due so here it is in all its glory, the Countdown to nothing review. This issue is meant to be the start of the Great Disaster and it begins with a thud. The story is told without dialog and is all narration boxes. Just a quick note before the review. We start with Buddy walking down the halls recapping what happened. Karate Kidd is died due to lack of Mr Migagee (I miss you Pat) and now they are about to autopsy. They are watching the news and the virus has spread and is infecting some people. They haven't picked up on that and continue the autopsy when the virus pops out and starts attacking them. Green Lantern catches it but it has gone airborne so everyone is screwed. The first city that goes to hell happens to be Gotham because it just happens that way. Kyle brings Jason in and in true inept writing fashion he is written as a complete douchebag. The disaster really hits home when female scientist #2 goes crazy and takes out random scientist guy #5. Ray's stressed out, Mary Marvel punches Jason, and Hal takes the virus into space. Buddy decides to fuck it and go home and be with the grandson and daughter. Una decides to tag along and the Great Disaster is upon us.

Comments: The word lame gets tossed around a lot lately and this issue really redefines the word. First how are you going to have something with a name like the Great Disaster and not have any dialog in that same issue. If this is the climax of Countdown they should at least have someone say something out loud. That'd be nice, all I'm saying. Another thing is due to the way this title treats the Multiverse I really don't care whether it lives or not. It seems like it was nothing but cannon fodder. The virus won't spread to the Universe-Alpha or whatever the prime universe is. Look I am going to be straight, bad dialog, ok art, terrible story, don't buy it, move on...


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