Sunday, March 9, 2008

Countdown To Final Crisis #8 Review

Writer: Paul Dini
Artist: Carlos Magno and Rodney Ramos

Synopsis: So the people at DC are just going balls to the walls to end this painful 52 week event. They probably are bleeding money due to this event. For those of you who don't follow countdown here let's jump into this summary. Ray Palmer is just shrinking his way to the chess board which the Monitor and Darkseid are going at it on the chessboard. Darkseid says he won (probably) and that the Monitors plan of setting up the Monarch failed him. The Monitor retorts that even though Darkseid has won he is going to die along with the Fourth World. Darkseid is calm though saying as he plans to remake reality anyway and there is no room for any of them in his Fifth World. Naturally Ray Palmer overhears and then books it back to the Challengers and breaks down what is going on with Darkseid. They debate over killing Karate Kid and Jason Todd makes another kill something comment. Jimmy Olsen meanwhile is jonesing to go to fight Darkseid because Darkseid has been loading him up with all the powers of the dead New Gods. The Monitor appears and warps them back to Earth while Darkseid crushes the Monitor piece because again, he is pretty sure he has won. We then get a Bizaroo backstory.

Comments: First the art is ok, there is this one really awkward panel with Donna Troy that just took me out of the issue. I just stared at it and was like god damn really, really DC? Dini has been solid on dialog but what the hell happened to Jason Todd? Seriously, he was never about killing for the sake of killing. He was an actual hero who just thought killing was necessary to cause change. He would do it because that is the only thing criminals respond to anymore. I am not appreciating this change in character at all, completely took the depth out of the character and made him into just another anti hero thug. It just isn't cool. I understand that now DC has just stopped caring and just wants to end but do you really have to stop with your commitment to quality, ok maybe you do but I hope Grant Morrison comes in and goes beast mode and makes everything ok. Basically Countdown has become the exact meaning of average which is why you


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