Friday, March 14, 2008

Salvation Run #5 Review

Through A Glass Deadly
Writer: Matthew Sturges
Art: Joe Bennett

We have an all out brawl with the villains. Joker ends up putting a gun to Luthor's head. We go to the one dude and Christina. The man wants to breed his children on the planet, and make all the children of his blood. We go to Catwoman, who is about to join the villains fight. She gets into some heat with the villains. She rats out some dude as Martian Manhunter. MM battles with all the villians, eventually losing. We see that Desaad is going to sick some maggots on the villains.

That was an ok issue. I really expected it to be as good as the last one, but we lost a lot of the humor and uneasy tension. This one is just all out fighting, which is ok, but it lacked substance. I liked the interaction between Luthor and Joker, but the whole Martian Manhunter thing was stupid. Even worse than that is the revelation that Desaad is just using them as training for his maggots.


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