Friday, March 28, 2008

Ultimate Human #3 Review

Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Cary Nord

We start with Mr. Wisdom talking to the Director of Intelligence. He wants a promotion, but the promotion can only be handed in by the Deputy Chief. The D.INT will be the new Deputy Chief, and tells Wisdom that he is going to stay on the project for another 2 years. That makes Wisdom suicidal. Wisdom meets the Special Selection guy. He says that the Deputy Chief is going to screw him unless they kill him. Then he goes on to say that they need to worry about the Bruce Banner because he can tear up half the country without trying (they are all British). They are worried for Britain's security, and they don't want to piss off Stark. Wisdom goes into the office of a top boss. The boss says he is approving the European Defense Initiative, and that makes Wisdom mad. Wisdom comes back and proposes a British Enhencile Program. This is basically making superheroes for Britain to protect them. He says stuff like they could have found Bin Laden in 4 months and stuff. And more importantly, this program will protect them against the Hulk if it becomes necessary. The higher-up tells him he has a month to prove that his program can exceed the Euro Initiative Program. Wisdom tells Dr. Stagg to get his shit ready for testing. He says that he will be the recipient of the Enhancile procedure. Wisdom goes to the testing site. He gets strapped in to the machine, and figures out he is going to be stabbed with 6 large needles. He gets stabbed. We go back to the British intelligence office, where the large headed guy from the first 2 issues comes in. That is Wisdom. The supersoldier serum just gave him a big head. He kills Stagg with some ability. The higher-up gets security and tells him to go and hide because if he doesn't, he will get shot. Back to the present, where Wisdom tells Stark and Banner to give him their blood. He says they will be dead soon, and calls himself the Ultimate Human.

That was a great issue. I got really confused in the beginning with all that government intelligence jargon, but it really cleared up later. So the whole thing was a backstory. I didn't know who "Mr. Wisdom" was, but it as clear he is a disillusioned nationalist. He wants British to be on top, but he also wants to be the one to be on top. He starts out being all about Britain, gets shot up with drugs, grows a big head, gets exiled, and becomes a villain. This was a really nice issue if you follow the series. We didn't know who this big headed guy was in the first 2 books, but it all becomes clear at the end. That ending was sweet, and how he pronounced himself the Ultimate Human was really cool too. I always wondered who was the Ultimate Human. I thought it was the Hulk because he turned gray and shit, but who knows. This was a very good read.


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