Thursday, March 27, 2008

Legion of Superheroes #40 Review

Enemy Rising (Part 1- Headlong Into Darkness)
Writer: Jim Shooter
Art: Francis Manapul

We start the issue with Shadow Lass fighting a monster. She stabs him, but the monster keeps coming back for more. Brainiac 5 comes to help her, and tells here where to cut him. She cuts the monster down and kills it. We go to Lightning Lad, who just wakes up and figures out his 7 am meeting was canceled. it is 8:14 am. We have a broohaha in the main room with all the legionnaires talking. The crew from the planet they were in comes. Timber Wolf is freaking out and hitting things. We learn that Saturn Girl had to control Wolf's mind, which is a felony apparently. This causes a ruckus with the legionnaires. Lightning Lad steps up and just wails on the 2. He tells Wolf to get control of himself and tells Saturn Girl to never invade anyone else's mind. Lad and some other legionnaires go chill out in a room. Lad says that they will get to the matter at hand after some coffee. Princess joins the fray. Just then, a bunch of people head up to the Legion's Tower. Some bio-tech people and electricians come up, much to Lad's dismay. We find out that the Princess is being sued. We go to another room, with the top people in it. Brainiac fills them in on some space jargon, and they all get to it. We go to the training center, where Lad is taking some target practice. The sister comes in and tells him that he handled himself well, and that the Legion needs a strong leader. We go to a space sector with Karate Kid. He is doing some useless garbage. Phantom Girl, too, is not finding anything. We have Invisible Kid going to someone's house and telling them how tight her daughter is. Turns out, she was in jail and escaped. Invisible Kid goes to check out some computer stuff. He says all of the city's deflectors are down except for one. Someone approaches. We go to Princess with a set of judges. The judges tell her to renounce her throne, and she refuses. The judges explain that the U.P needs a ton of cash, so they sued the hell out of Orando. Princess walks through the streets very angry and upset. We end the issue with Saturn girl getting out of the infirmary. To be honest, I am watching the UNC game and not really paying attention, so i have no idea what the fuck happened at the end.

That was a solid issue. Despite my distracted state, i still felt good about this issue. It is tough to follow because there are so many characters, but that is what makes it fun. I appreciate that Shooter is developing Lad into an able leader. His scene with Timber Wolf and Saturn Girl was good, and it was supplemented by the scene where his sister backs him. I don't really understand why everyone is running around the universe, especially when every scene that happened in resulted in nothing constructive. But i still had a good time reading it. The art is really good.


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