Sunday, March 16, 2008

X-Factor #29 Review

Written by Peter David
Art by Valentine De Landro

Another day, another X title. Wolfesbane had left a letter for Rictor explaining why she left but he is burning it. He is kinda mad at her for leaving. Jamie and Guido are at their favorite bar and it has closed down. They interpret it as a sign. Guido says that they should take off and do work somewhere else but Jamie goes off on him saying isn't he leaving. Turns out he isn't because there are no mutants left to be a sheriff for. Jamie is walking back home and Siren is trying to tell him that he is a baby's daddy but he thinks she is leaving the team as well and completely blocks her out and doesn't let her say it. Siren is kind of mad until Monet explains to her that he had no idea what she was talking about. Rictor is leaving and goes outside and suddenly the whole building is in space. He runs back in and is freaking out. Him and Guido go outside again and everything is back to normal, then Rictor falls through a trans dimensional trap door. Siren tries to tell Jamie again but get interrupted again by Guido as they try to find Rictor. They explore this area but manage to wind up back on the street. Siren. Monet and a dupe take off because they hear Rictor who is being tortured James Bond style on a X-crucifix (groan). Guido and Jamie-Prime find themselves in a jungle when the boulder from Indiana Jones shows up and takes down Guido. On it is a poster of some C and or D-list villain called Arcade.

Comments: Look, there are too many X-titles. I just cant seem to care what is going on in each title. For example, are they really facing extinction at this point. I mean they have enough future mutants to know they live ie Cable and the baby is still alive so what the hell they bounce back. As for X-factor, I mean they seem to have no function now. They were all about protecting the former mutants as well as dealing with radicals who are trying to find a way to get their power back but now thats all gone. One thing that bugs me is when things have no function and X-factor seems like that. This was still a well-written comic and by the quality of it you would not know this group is useless. The art was solid too. The group chemistry is one reason this title is so strong and this issue reinforces that. Out of all the post Messiah Complex groups X-Factor is the best and it seems like such a waste to have them where they are. Brubaker has not found his rhythm yet on Uncanny and I doubt he will, and all the others seem to have no use except to build up to something else but that seems unlikely. X-Factor is well written with nice art but the overall direction of the title has me concerned but since we review on an issue by issue basis this is definitely a


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