Friday, March 7, 2008

The Amazing Spider-Man #552 Review

Just Blame Spider-Man
Writer: Bob Gale
Art: Phil Jimenez

We start with JJJ at his hospital bed, bitching about being bored. The nurse won't give him anything that would cause him stress. We go to the office of the DB, where Bennett is talking about getting him a bodyguard to protect him against "death threats". We go to Peter, who hides in a tree to get pictures of the funeral for the mayor candidate. We have Peter in the soup kitchen helping May. A thief steals a donation box. We got Spidey chasing after him, and finally catches him and webs him to a wall. Cops come and tell him to freeze. Spidey escapes, and the cops give the money back to the soup kitchen. We go back to the thief (I think he has a name, but it doesn't say in here so i don't know), who escapes from the webbing via taking his clothes off. He falls into a meth lab and takes some of that shit. Scratch that. The thief's name is Freak. We go back to the soup kitchen, and Peter tells the cops that he saw Spidey going after Freak. Back to Freak. He throws up, and the throw up engulfs him. We go to a fund-raiser to get Lily's dad to run for mayor. Harry pledges a lot of money and Peter doesn't. We go back to Freak, who is engulfed in a bloody clot. We found out that the "meth" that Freak did was actually animal stem cell. We go to the Bookie, who is doing bets with villains about who is in the blood clot. Peter is doing laundry, as news reports say the clot is breaking. Peter goes to take pictures of it, and it breaks open, revealing a freaky dude.

It was an ok issue. I had a lot of problems with the dialog, and some of the scenes. Bob Gale is not a good writer. Some of the stuff he writes just sounds terrible, and I always stress good writing in comics. The scene with the laundry is just pointless. Joey Q needs to step up and take some of that filler shit out. I am just waiting for Slott and McGuinness to come back, because i really enjoy their stuff. Gale pretty much blows, and the art is not so great. Still enjoyable if you are a big Spidey fan, but you can just skip this one.


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