Saturday, March 22, 2008

Robin #172 Review

The Takedown
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Art: David Baldeon

We start with Tim investigating an illegal casino which Violet broke into. We see Robin (I am assuming this is before the first scene) talking to some detectives, who tell him to testify in court on some guys. Robin gets a location of the off-the-books casino and heads over there. He checks out the casino from a vent, and tells some cops to make a move. We see the detectives talking about if they can trust Robin, and the other one assures him that Robin is a chump. Tim calls his girlfriend's dad and tells him that he is sorry that he had fell asleep on the first date. While he does that, Violet is robbing the casino. There is a big shootout. All the guards shoot at Robin, who ducks out and eventually escapes. The GCPD comes in and makes some arrests, while Violet is long gone with the cash. Robin goes after her, and Stephanie hung around back. We see Oswald gleeful about what took place, and says that Robin and Violet are going to die.

This was a solid issue. You can't take this issue too seriously, as it is just a light read. Not too much deep thought here, just a lot of fun. Dixon does a good job with Tim Drake, and he uses him better than anyone else I have seen. The plot is very basic, but that is not a bad thing. It has one layer, and it is easy to follow. We get a lot of action from Tim, and there were some funny moments in here. If you don't take this title seriously, it is a very fun read.


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