Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Countdown To Final Crisis #7

Gone Tomorrow
Writer: Paul Dini
Art: Tom Derenick

We start the issue with Holly and her friend talking about how they don't have powers anymore and they are just normal people. We go back to the crew, who are carrying Karate Kid to JLA Headquarters. Superman doesn't know who they are. Firestorm freaks out and vanishes them to another place. They are in upstate New York. They figure out that they have been erased. Una cries about how we need to save Val. They go to a lab. Joker doesn't know Harley, so they must not be on the same earth. We see that Jason is in another fight. They sneak into the lab, and they are confronted by monsters. Jimmy takes them out. They run into Dubliex, who tells them that Val is already dead.

Pretty forgettable issue. Useless banter and crappy fight scenes took up most of this book. So we learn that no one recognizes them and Val is dead. OK thats fine. Just don't put in so much filler. We are nearing the end, and we need substance. So get on it Dini. Art is what it always is. I have problems with how they are developing Jason. He is just a thug now. We see him in 1 panel, and he is getting into a fight with a citizen. That is just insane man. Calm down. I am still pretty excited for Final Crisis.


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