Sunday, March 9, 2008

Moon Knight #16 Review

Writer: Mike Benson
Artist: Mark Texeira

Synopsis: Moon Knight is one of those titles that has been on a hot streak. It had a disappointing finale to its last arc but quickly rebounded and has been rolling ever since. Hopefully this keeps up with the 16th issue of the series. Marc is having a dream where his god is telling him to stop fucking around and start killing some bitches. They use a very colorful playground analogy to help describe this to the reader. We cut to a news report of people being pissed off at Moon Knight for violating civil liberties and other Geneva Convention violations. The corrupt P.O. is trying to exploit that former supervillain again (him and his shenanigans) so he kills him. Marc is chilling at the resteraunt that Frenchie works at when Frenchie tells him to bounce his bitch ass because he just brings hurt to all this. Marc gets mad and is leaving and then him and Frenchie's domestic partner end their personal trainer relationship. Carson, the supervillain, is at a museum considering going back to his gimmick and when he runs into Marlene who is ducking Marc's calls. They have a nice chat and then part ways. Marc is suiting up and so is some creepy gang which might be important later. MK is at the cave getting the plane ready and they go out and assault that gang, Mark manages to take several down but one is about to pop him when he gets gunned down by the plane, and just for kicks the cops show up.

Comments: The art in this issue wasn't different but the whole Moon Knight/Marc drawings are not appropriate at all. Marc and Moon Knight are one in the same and when they do that it means they are trying to differentiate them but it doesn't work. I do miss the previous artist of this title now more than ever because that guy rocked out loud. I did not like how Marc was mad all the time, I kind of figured him as having two emotions, not caring and then mad. Also the humor came didn't really connect either. This wasn't a bad issue but the momentum kind of left. Props to Benson for correcting the ship after the most akward arc finale ever, but come on man, you gotta bounce back.


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