Thursday, March 20, 2008

Incredible Hercules #115 Review

Glory of Hera
Writer: Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente
Art: Khoi Pham

We start the issue with a strike team hoping to strike it rich by blowing up a semi that contained adamantium, but nothing was in the truck. We see somebody let out a the legions of Sakaar out of prison. We go to Amadeus and Hercules, who stole a SHIELD ship. SHIELD officers tell them that missiles are on the way to destroy the ship if Amadeus doesn't discharge the virus he is about to set off. Hercules wants him to shut off the virus, but Amadeus is a bitch and he won't do it. Ares comes out and beats the hell out of Hercules, while ranting about how he doesn't get any love, and how Hercules gets all the glory. Herc eventually finishes off Ares, telling him that he gains strength from men or something heroic like that. He tells a little story to Amadeus about how he destroyed his family out of anger, and tells him that destroying SHIELD is not the right way to go, because it would be done out of anger. He tells him that because he is immortal, no one can stop him from doing the same stupid things, but Amadeus is not immortal, so he should think about his choice carefully. Amadeus conforms. We see the negative zone emptying. Hercules and Amadeus go back to Athena, who tells them to prepare for war.

That was an awesome issue. I have really enjoyed this title, and it is one of the better titles in Marvel right now. We get a good mix of dialog and action. The fight scene with Ares and Hercules was awesome, and the dialog between the 2 really added to the fight. I really liked how Marvel is giving Hercules a slight face turn now, since he stopped the virus and all. He is coming across as a people's champ (gains his strength from men or something), and he is a father-figure to Amadeus. Amadeus is such a little bitch its not even funny. I am not sure i appreciate it that much. If i saw him in the street, I would beat his ass for being such a little prick. I am glad he listened to Hercules, or that would make Herc look like a bitch. I don't really understand the ending, or the negative zone stuff, but i really enjoyed the issue because of Hercules. Getting a better supporting cast would push this title over the top. The art is below average to average.


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