Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ultimate Spider-Man #119 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Stuart Immonem

Synopsis: The kids are still at the beach and Liz has managed to flame on if you will. Johnny gets called away, Liz freaks out flies off, Iceman pursues, and Kong calls out Parker for not going after her as Spider-man which was the highlight of the issue. Brief awkward moment when everyone thinks Kitty snitched and told Kong (she didn't) and Peter goes off to "get" Spider-man. So Liz is flying out of control on fire until Iceman coaches her down. Spider-man shows up and almost gets blasted (not the good kind). They have a conversation about power and responsibility and all the choices you have. She flies off they follow her, Magneto shows up (and steals the show, not really).

Comments: All the magic of Spider-man is promptly on display during this issue. You get the real life problems he faces along with amazing dialog from Bendis. It was nice to see Peter in the mentor role for once coaching young superheroes along their way instead of having the usual moral dilemma. The cover was kind of a let down since I expected Magneto to appear way earlier, while I was reading issue I didn't think he would appear at all. The art for my taste is a downgrade from Bagley, and I miss it. There is just something about how all the faces are pointy and I just don't like how he draws his Peter. The Magneto thing was a rip though and asides from a few jokes this issue wasn't special but it is definite worth a skim. The one panel with Iceman and Spider-man, come on, moment of the month, lock it up. This issue gets


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