Saturday, March 1, 2008

Grant Morrison's Batman

Here at the cave we are big Batman fans (yeah, I can't stress that enough). Seeing as how this is the best week of comics, we decided to reward our loyal reader (I know in the singular, kinda sad) with the best possible reviews the cave has to offer. As an added bonus we have decided to give you the legendary life-arming Grant Morrison/Batman article we alluded to into in our Batman 674 post all those reviews ago. Sports God and I had this amazing groundbreaking conversation which took all our cunnings and which we essentially come to some prophetic conclusions. Neither of us saved the conversation because we had used up all our cunning (that stuff doesn't grow back).
The conversation started out simply us taking about how much this issue rocked when we began talking about the ending. As you know (and if you don't see our review) the fake Batman was running away and dropped a fairly large bomb of a new villain that was pulling the strings. Batman had suspected that there was a method to all this madness and if he could think it, then it had some truth to it. The fake tells Batman that his luck is up and he's due. Throughout his run Morrison has left clever hints about everything and this issue was no exception. What struck me was how the issue turned purple at the end. One name popped into my head, Joker. This was a heavy purple issue. Our next clue came in the final scene in the book. While Bruce was lying in that dumpster, by his foot was the Joker's jacket. That doesn't happen very often. That is when Sport's God went beast mode and broke out a bigger clue. The trash can was outside police headquarters. In the very first issue of Morrison's run, Batman threw the Joker into that very same dumpster after killing the first impostor Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only that, but the Bat-mite summoning spell was also on the trash can. Cross referencing this with Morrison interviews, he was stated he wants to the Joker to go big so you put two and two together. The Joker clearly has a role in what is to come next whether he is the man behind it all or just the instrument which this new villain will carry out his plan. There is a problem with the Joker theory which comes from continuity, he is in space on a deserted planet beefing with Lex Luthor. Also if he is a criminal genius who rivals Batman's intelligence, how in the blue hell did he let this happen. Those are minor things (you know since in comics Wolverine is everywhere in Marvel, Batman is everywhere in DC, Superman is currently in the future and present, and even Robin is in San Fran, Gotham with Batman, and in Gotham in high school). It is feasible that the Joker may still make an appearance since Grant wants to tell his story and DC will probably let him since he is going to bail out the company with Final Crisis (recognize). Anyway that is my portion of the discussion, look for Sports God to post his.

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